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Douglas Butler Bridge Book An explantation of movable bridge technical drawings

Duplicate Movable Bridges

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Duplicate Bridges are movable bridges that are identical in construction, either in the same city, state, region, or a different state. These bridges that are constructed side by side twin, triple, or quadruple spans that are exactly alike, were built for railroad traffic with different train service or the same company. The counterweights, sheaves, pulleys and drums on a duplicated vertical lift bridge are identical with the last.

Bascule bridges and swing bridges are also duplicate structures with the same exact machinery and counterweight and operate the same way as the first. In Cleveland, Ohio, they were two, twin Scherzer rolling lift bridges across the Cuyahoga River. One, used by the Newburg & South Shore railroad, was demolished the other, a Baltimore & Ohio railroad bridge, still remains in service.

The Columbus Road and the Carter road vertical lift bridges were copied when built in 1932. Three railroad lift bridges in the state of Ohio are triple duplicates. One of them has 2 tracks, the Nickel Plate Railroad bridge a double track structure with four drums on each tower, Wheeling & Lake Erie railroad bridge a single track with two drum pulleys on each tower, both are in Cleveland Ohio. The last twin a single track is in Lorain Ohio for the Norfolk Southern railroad.

In Chicago, there were four duplicate railroad vertical lift bridges, but now there are only three because one of them was demolished. Two rail lift bridges were used by The Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad for the New York Central railroad, and two by the Pittsburgh Fort Wayne & Chicago railroad for the Pennsylvania railroad crossing the Calumet River.

In Elizabethport, New Jersey, four quadruple duplicated railroad lift bridges used by the Central of New Jersey railroad crossing the Newark bay were demolished. lift bridges like the dock lift bridges used by the Amtrak railroad in Newark New Jersey crossing the Passaic River. Crossing the Sanitary or Drainage canal are quadruple railroad Scherzer type rolling lift bridges crossing side by side, which are inoperable. Two bridges are operated by The Chicago Terminal Transfer and the Chicago Junction railroad, two other bridges used by the Pittsburgh Cincinnati and Chicago & St Louis railroad 8 track which in the fixed positions.

There are three duplicated Strauss heel trunnion bascule bridges, one of them remains and two others were replaced. The first heel trunnion bridge was built in 1910 for the New York New Haven & Hartford railroad and replaced with a lift bridge in 1935 in Buzzards Bay Massachusetts crossing the Cape Cod canal, the second duplicate heel trunnion type was built in 1911 for the Peoria Pekin & Union railroad crossing the Illinois river at Peoria Illinois was also replaced by a lift bridge. remaining duplicate heel trunnion bascule bridge built in 1911 for the former New York Central Line now used by the Norfolk Southern railroad crossing the Ashtabula river at Ashtabula Harbor Ohio and remains in service, 3 are double track 159 foot and 4 inches with drive machinery mounted on the bascule span with the operating struts pinned fixed to the bridge tower or rear panel.

The Baltimore & Ohio railroad and the Pacific Electric railroad Strauss Heel trunnion bascule bridges are duplicated at its resemblance the Baltimore & Ohio railroad bridge is 235 foot long with 2 tracks in Chicago Illinois south side crossing the Calumet river removed in 1988, but the Pacific Electric railroad bridge is 187 foot long and has 2 tracks with the cable wires on the bascule span for the rapid transit built in 1912 crossing the West Basin connecting Long Beach Harbor in San Pedro to Los Angeles California and was removed in1955

The San Pedro Los Angeles & Salt Lake railroad Scherzer rolling lift bridge crossing the San Gabriel river in Long Beach California Identical of the Seddon Island bridge in Tampa Florida crossing the Garrison channel use by the CSX railroad, which in 1982 this bridge was demolished.

In New Orleans Louisiana are 3 Identical Strauss heel trunnion bascule bridges crossing the Industrial canal are 117 foot with 2 roadways on the the outside with 2 tracks, Florida Avenue, Almonaster Avenue, and Seabrook bridges. The Florida Avenue Strauss bascule bridge was replaced with a vertical lift bridge, the Almonaster Avenue bridge will be or was replaced with a lift bridge the Seabrook bridge remains and only carries rail traffic and the roadways were removed due to hurricane Katrina The Seabrook (Ted Hickey) bridge is a double leafed bascule bridge with vehical traffic. In the same state Louisiana southern part are numerous of identical vertical lift bridges crossing the Bayous such as the state route 344 lift bridge crossing the Teche bayou at Loreauville, Breaux Bridge,, Petite Calillon bayou lift bridge in Terrebonne Parish are the prime examples of the lift bridges in the southern state of Louisiana and many more.

In the upstate New York are 15 operating short lift deck vertical lift bridges crossing the Erie canal that are in operation in western New York. The Adams Street Exchange street bridges are located in Lockport, Ingersoll Street, Street bridges Albion. Park Avenue, Fayette Street bridges in Brockport. Main street lift bridge in Middleport, Holley road lift bridge in Holley, Eagle Harbor road bridge in Eagle Harbor, street bridge in Adams Basin, road bridge at Gasport Knowlesville bridge near Knowlesville, Hulberton road bridge in Hulberton, Prospect street lift bridge between Buffalo and Rochester at Medina, and the Union street lift bridge in Spencerport. All are Identical structures designed by Squire Whipple that does not have towers on both ends but decks with wheels to lift the span and are used for highway traffic.

Another duplicate bridge is the Paducah & Louisville railroad Strauss heel trunnion bascule bridge crossing the Green river in Rockport Kentucky is identical of the Burlington & Northern Santa Fe railroad bridge crossing the Duwamish river near Seattle Washington the drive machinery mounted on the bridge tower (rear panel).

Two railroad bascule drawbridges crossing the Jupiter River in Jupiter Florida and the exact same bridge in Stuart Florida crossing the St Lucie canal both are used by the Florida East Coast railroad the similar bridge is located at Fort Lauderdale crossing the New river. Three look alike unusual bascule bridges are in the state of California. All three are used by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad.

Stockton railroad bridge crossing the San Joaquin river, Middle River railroad bridge in Middle River, and Orwood railroad bridge crossing the Old river (San Joaquin river Delta) at Orwood. These bridges were constructed in1928 by the American Bridge Company.  The fourth railroad bridge of the duplicated type is in Manitowoc Wisconsin crossing the Manitowoc River.

Also in California there are six identical Strauss double leaf heel trunnion bascule bridges one formerly in Rio Vista, another in Freeport, the third in Paintersville, fourth in Walnut Grove 5th in Isleton, and the last duplicate in Grand Island all crossing the Sacramento river .

In Massachusetts there are 3 identical Strauss bascule bridges of the Overhead Counterweight type used by Boston & Maine railroad one crosses the Saugus River at Lynn, other in Saugus and last crossing the Manchester harbor at Manchester. Both Saugus and Manchester railroad bridges are now owned and used by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.In Boston crossing the Fort Point channel has 6 track 3 Scherzer rolling lift bridges used by the New York New Haven & Hartford railroad.

At Eddystone Pennsylvania crossing the Darby creek are 2 twin railroad Strauss Overhead Counterweight bascule bridges one is abandoned for the Philadelphia Baltimore & Washington railroad, the other used by Conrail railroad is still in use both are double track 63 foot.

In the State of Montana 2 railroad lift bridges are identical.  The Snowden lift bridge in Snowden, crossing the Missouri river and the Fairview lift bridge crossing the Yellow Stone River in Fairview cross between North Dakota.  The swing bridges for railroad traffic also have a twin in construction.

The Winona bridge in Minnesota, Burlington bridge in Iowa, Dubque railroad bridge in Iowa crossing between Illinois, and the Alton swing railroad bridge in Illinois all crosses the Mississippi river. The Leavensworth railroad bridge in Kansas crosses the Missouri river, the Winona railroad bridge was used by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad and was removed. Burlington railroad swing bridge used by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad is the twin of the Winona, Dubque, Alton, and Leavensworth railroad bridges. Dubque railroad bridge is used by Canadian National railroad, Leavensworth railroad bridge crossing the Missouri river was owned and used by Chicago & Northwestern railroad and finally The Alton railroad bridge crossing the Mississippi river used by the Burlington Northern railroad. Those rail bridges were designed by George S Morison who also designs fixed bridges. Crossing the Passaic river at Newark New Jersey has 2 identical highway swing bridges, Clay and Jackson street bridges the 3rd swing bridge (bridge street) resembles the two.

Canada Duplicate Movable bridges Edit Text

Canada has, mostly in Ontario, numerous vertical lift bridges and rolling lift bridges crossing the Welland canal. In Welland Ontario, there ares a few identical lift spans which carry vehicles and some railroad bridges. The Kings Highway lift bridge in Rural (Allanburg) and No#11 bridge both has the same tower and span structures along with counterweights. Thorold also has a lift bridge of the twin sister of Allanburg, Main and Clarence street street bridges of Port Colborne, Glendale Avenue bridge of St Catherines, Main street bridge in Port Robinson, a railroad lift bridge in Welland along with the Forks Road highway bridge but the towers and counterweight were removed. Wabash and Lincoln lift bridges in Dain City. Rolling lift bridges at the Main Street Lock 8 bridge in Port Colborne and Lake Shore road bridge in St Catherines and Port Weller bridge in Port Weller. Two more rolling lift and Strauss bascule bridges in Quebec, the Lafluer bridge crossing the Lachine in Montreal and Promenade Du Pont Levent bridge crossing the St Lawerance river in St. Catherines are rolling lift bridges.The Chambly canal in St. Johns and Rue Dalhousie bridge in Quebec City are similar Strauss bascule bridges.The 2 lift bridges are also the exact same the Pont St. Louis bridge in De Gonzague and Route 201 Valleyfield bridge in Valleyfield both crossing the Beauharnois canal .The timber swing bridges are copied in construction crossing the Rideau Canal in Ontario,Jones Falls bridge in Kingston, Bass Point, Kilmarncock, and Upper Nicholson bridges located at Ottawa.

This article contributed by Douglas Butler.