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Douglas Butler Bridge Book An explantation of movable bridge technical drawings

Introduction Douglas Butler Bridge Book
Industrial Cities or Port bridges
Duplicate Movable Bridges
Bridges by Waterways
Bridges by Cities and States
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Welcome to the Douglas Butler bridge book, explaining the Technical Drawings of movable bridges across the country,  as well as numerous picture photos of bascule, lift and swing bridges. I researched the Inventors of these drawbridges over the past seven years. I have discussed with some bridge workers knowledgeable about the different types of movable bridges. This Article will show examples of some movable bridges, and how they operate. It is not just an art, but also an educational understanding of how the bridges work. I hope that you'll enjoy the information and learn from my book. Thank you.


You can email me at drawbridges@, or view a sample of the technical drawings of movable bridges at For a complete look at my drawings, visit my site at , which shows the variety of movable bridges of the United States, Canada and the Inventors.

This sample will be some movable bridge technical drawings  shown on the Article.


In this area, I might also put in some inventors who designed movable bridges and submitted to the railroad companies as well as the counties.