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Douglas Butler Bridge Book An explantation of movable bridge technical drawings

Industrial Cities or Port bridges
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Industrial Cities or Port bridges
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Industrial ports are harbors where ships dock from city to city, transporting supplies (such as oil or salt) -- drawbridges are able to open to allow them to pass through from the harbor to narrower channel areas. Ports harbors in locations like Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Buffalo, New Orleans have drawbridges of all types that are operated by bridge tenders. These tenders open and close them to allow ships to pass under, and traffic to pass over the rivers. Industrial ports are like other ports, but are used by ore docks for ships that carry industrial supplies and materials. When business of industry is good, these drawbridges ( bascule, lift, or swing bridges) remain in operation. When industry decreases, these bridges end up abandoned, out of service or demolished. Cleveland in it's history had more movable bridges than any other city, except for Chicago. In the early day of the 1800's, swing bridges were made from wood.


There were once several swing bridges across the Cuyahoga river, industrial Cleveland's connection to Lake Erie, which have been replaced by bascule and lift bridges. The Columbus Road bridge, for example, was a double swing bridge until in the 1930's, when a vertical lift bridge was constructed (the new bridge was designed with drive machinery on the lift span -- a span drive bridge.). The Wheeling and Lake Erie Railroad (also known as the "Iron Curtian railroad") operated a swing bridge and a Willow Avenue swing span, both of which were replaced by lift bridges. swing bridge remaining is the Center Street swing bridge, constructed by the King Bridge Company as a rim bearing bobtail type swing bridge. bridge is still in operation.

Today Cleveland has only fifteen movable bridges: ten vertical lift bridges (five for vehical traffic, and five for railroad traffic), four railroad bascule bridges (Two are out of service,and 2 still in service) and a swing bridge. Of these, only eleven of them are in operation. The Cleveland movable bridges are:

- near the ISG steel mill, abandoned

- a rolling lift bridge constructed in 1907 by William Scherzer, a record making project in the flats in its time, abandoned

- a bascule bridge for the Wheeling & Lake Erie railroad constructed by Joseph Strauss in 1905 next to the West 3rd street lift bridge (West 3rd still in operation). This bridge has been removed

- Erie railroad bascule bridge, demolished in 1985 next to the twin bascule bridges.

- Twin Scherzer bascule design bridges Newburgh and South Shore bridge, removed in 1994, and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, still in place

- River Terminal railroad Scherzer bridge, located north of Clark Street, still in heavy use by the ISG Steel Mill

- Wheeling & Lake Erie lift bridge, now abandoned

- Cleveland Columbus Cincinatti & St Louis railroad Strauss bascule bridge, next to Lorain Carneigie bridge, removed in 1987 after its abandonedment.

- Eagle Avenue lift bridge is lighted up, however it is out of service, Carter road lift bridge is still manned,

- Big Four railroad lift bridge,out of service. Columbus road railroad lift bridge has less train traffic

- Baltimore & Ohio railroad bridge out of service.

- Nickle Plate railroad lift bridge is still manned and in service, with replacement ropes across the top of each tower.
-West 3rd lift bridge which was repaired and the new lift span was constructed between the towers


Chicago has over 52 movable bridges, more than any other city, over the Chicago river (North and South branches) Calumet river, and Sanitary or Drainage canal in the state of Illiniois. The first trunnion bascule bridge was a Cortland street bridge, a Chicago type bascule design. bridge remains fixed in the closed position because ships no longer pass for the bridge tenders to operate the double leaf lift span. It is still used by vehicles. Back in the early Century a Halstead lift bridge was once constructed, and later was replaced with a bascule bridge.

The Cermark road bridge is one of few Scherzer type rolling lift bridge with a double section, operated by the city of Chicago. Orleans street bridge is still used by the city of Chicago. bridges still in use include Jackson Boulevard bridge, Boulevard bridge, Michigan Avenue bridge,Wells street, Canal street, Grand Avenue, Avenue, East and West Division street,. street bridge, street bridge, street bridge, Drive bridge, Madison street, Randolph street. Columbus Drive, Congress Parkway bridge, Lake Shore Drive bridge, Wabash Avenue, street, street, Clark street, Kinzie street , North and South Halstead street bridges

All trunnion bascule bridges crossing the Chicago river, North and South branches are road bridges. Operated by the Union Pacific railroad, one spans the North branch Chicago river, a 3 track 180 foot Strauss heel trunnion type bascule bridge which is still in service, but is in the closed position. bridge, abandoned, is a double track 170 foot Strauss Overhead Counterweight bascule bridge in the open position

The South branch Chicago river railroad has two Strauss bascule bridges. The Illinois Central railroad operates a St Charles Airline heel trunnion type in the closed position (still in use), the Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal heel trunnion bascule bridge which is open and abandoned.

There is also a vertical lift bridge used by Amtrak railroad and the Pennsylvania railroad, which is the only lift bridge crossing the South Branch Chicago river today

The Chicago river North branch Canal has a bobtail swing bridge for railroad traffic, on it's end has a counterweight that balances the swing span. North avenue bridge a Chicago type was reconstructed in 2002 over the same channel

A trunnion bascule bridge of a Archer Avenue crosses the South Fork Chicago river is manned by the city but has been replaced, along with the Chicago & Alton railroad bridge,the only Page type trunnion bascule bridge continues in service for rail traffic.

Calumet river bridges in the same city Chicago is on the south side has 7 railroad lift bridges was 8 of them,one was demolished used for the Penn Central Authority railroad. Formerly used by the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern and Pittsburgh Fort Wayne & Chicago railroad one is manned in service, 3 is out of service. a Norfolk Southern railroad lift bridge is few miles from the two other vertical lift bridges. Avenue (highway) and a railroad bridge abandoned for the Chicago & Western Indiana railroad. Baltimore & Ohio railroad bridge of a Strauss type has a counterweight on the A frame bridge tower because of a Ship accident which hit the 235 foot double track span in 1988 causes the whole span to torn from it's supports then a lawsuit was filed. 92 street, 95 street, street, and 106 street bridges are Chicago's trunnion type bascule bridges are owned by Chicago. A vertical lift railroad bridge crossing the same river is used by the Elgin Joliet & Eastern railroad and a railroad swing bridge for the Chicago South Shore & South Bend railroad. The Sanitary or Drainge canal has drawbridges that are in the fixed position. A Western Avenue lift bridge has been fixed in place, both the towers and mechinery including counterweights were removed that acts like a girder fixed span. The four railroad Scherzer type rolling lift bridges also inoperatable side by side left and right in closed shut, a couple of swing bridges for rail traffic. Theyr'e also double deck bridges that carries both upper deck highway and lower deck railroad. Today are still the city of movable drawbridges that holds a large record in the windy city. People go to and from work crossing each bridge and exploring them, Chicago is a famous place for drawbridges, for the past bridge building inventors their offices are in downtown Chicago.


Detroit has 9 drawbridges then has 8 and a swing bridge crossing the Rouge river in the state of Michigan. Theyre' 3 trunnion double leaf bascule bridges, Fort street, Dix Avenue, and Jefferson street bridges. owned by Wayne County. They're 4 railroad bascule bridges today, Michigan Central railroad Strauss bascule bridge, Southern trunnion type or Abt type bascule bridge, Connecting rolling lift Scherzer type once has railroad and highway combined, now carries highway traffic to Zug Island, and Short Cut canal railroad bridge used by the Detroit Toledo & Ironton railroad. All are still manned and in service, a swing bridge is the only remaining used also by Delray Connecting railroad. Fort street bridge I just learned will be replaced by the Wayne County, and Detroit is a industrial port city coming towards downtown Detroit on I -75 expressway. It is very difficult to get to explore these bridges except by boat. But they have some historic imformation about them in the library in Detroit, and on the computer. All are still operatable.


Milwaukee's drawbridges are a similar to Chicago's drawbridges. They have 3 waterways, Milwaukee river, Kinnickinnic river, and Menominee river in the state of Wisconsin. Milwaukee has all together 30 drawbridges, 6 crossing the Kinnickinnic river, 8 crossing the Menominee river, and 16 crossing the Milwaukee river. The bascule bridges are of a double leaf and 6 lift bridges are owned by the city of Milwaukee. Others such as swing bridges owned by railroad companies, all are in operation. The lift spans that operates hydraulic movements are St Paul street, Clybourn street, Michigan street, Avenue, street, and Pleasant street bridges crossing the Milwaukee river along with 8 bascule bridges, Broadway street, Water street, Buffalo street, Kibourn Avenue, street, Juneau Avenue Cherry street and Holton street bridges The Grand street bridge was gone, Walnut swing bridge all operated by the city of Milwaukee, a railroad swing bridge is used by the Union Pacific railroad. Crossing the Menominee river The Plankinton Avenue, South 6th street, North 6th street North Youngs street bridge, 16th street Muskego Avenue are double leaf trunnion bascule bridges. A South11th street swing bridge owned by Milwaukee 2 railroad swing spans are operated by the Canadian Pacific railroads. And the Kinnickinnic river South1 street, Avenue both are owned by Milwaukee, 4 swing bridges are operated by the Union Pacific and Canadian Pacific railroad.


Buffalo has 6 drawbridges crossing the Buffalo river, 3 are vertical lift bridges Ohio street, Michigan Avenue, Park Avenue lift bridges are owned by Buffalo, and 3 railroad bascule bridges. Two are still in heavy use are Strauss bascule bridges, operated by New York Central and the Csx railroad (Cp draw). in the raised position is a Scherzer type rolling lift bridge no longer in service and kept permanently in the raised position abandoned was used by the Nickle Plate railroad. Another Scherzer type bascule bridge crosses the Buffalo City Ship canal at Michigan street also owned by Buffalo, Union canal bascule bridge in the same location a Scherzer type at Fuhrmann Boulevard (was Hamburg Turnpike), street Strauss type bascule bridge also owned by Buffalo. A draw with a rail and highway combined swing span (International) crosses the Black Rock canal used by the Canadian National railroad. swing span crosses the Niagaria river in the same location, total up to 11 movable drawbridges in Buffalo New York.


New Orleans has up to 7 drawbridges crossing the Inner Harbor Navigation canal or industrial canal in the state of Louisiana, Florida Avenue lift bridge, Almonsater Avenue bridge, Seabrook bridge, Claude Aveune, 90 Danzinger lift bridge and Claiborne Avenue. the Claude Avenue and Seabrook bridges formerly have both railroad and highway traffic,the highway was removed on the seabrook bridge on the claude avenue bridge just highway vechical traffic. Crossing the New Basin canal are 4 lift bridges and some railroad bridges not discussed, Tulane Avenue City Park Avenue Lake street and Tennission bridges Altogether 11 drawbridges in the city of New Orleans and owned by the city. Hurricane Katrina has ripped through New Orleans and not enough funding to repair these bridges now are left abandoned others with highway traffic was removed while trains continues to cross more so a Seabrook rail bascule bridge a Strauss type is in the raised position unless it lowers for train traffic.


Alameda / Oakland crossing the Oakland Inner Harbor has 4 drawbridges, plus 5 and a bicycle drawbridge crossing the San Leandro bay channel in the state of California . The Park street bridge and High street double leaf bascule spans that are owned by Alameda, Fruitvale ( Miller Sweeney) and Bay Farm Island single leaf trunnion bascule bridges are owned by the state of California, a railroad vertical lift bridge (Fruitvale) used by the U.S. Army. The bay farm island bridge is a foot drawbridge with bicycle traffic next to the bay farm island bascule bridge.


Seattle has altogether 10 drawbridges, 4 crossing the Duwamish river and 6 crossing the Lake Washington canal in Washington state, a Spokane street bridge a double swing bridge Ballard bridge, Fremont bridge University bridge, and Montlake bridges are owned by Seattle. Both the 1st avenue and the 14 avenue bridges owned by King County. Rail draw bascule bridges both used by the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad are Strauss type bascule bridges.


Newark has 14 drawbridges crossing the Passaic river, but left with 12 drawbridges due to a removal of both a railroad swing bridges owned by conrail. The lincoln highway and Stickle Memorial lift bridges are owned by the state of New Jersey. Others owned by Essex and Hudson, Clay street bridge , Bridge street and Jackson street swing bridges, 3 railroad lift bridges owned by Amtrak railroad crossing the Passaic river are 2 today, another crossing the Newark bay between Bayonne railway swing bridges owned by the New Jersey Transit Line ,the third is operated by conrail railroad, last a railroad strauss type heel trunnion bascule bridge owned by conrail is abandoned and kept for the project.


Bridgeport has 6 draw bridges crossing the Pequonnock river and one crossing the Yellow Mill pond Channel, that makes 7 drawbridges in The state of Connecticut. Congress street, East Washington Avenue, Grand street, and Stratford Avenue bridges are owned by the city of Bridgeport a railroad bridge a bascule type is owned by Connecticut DOT or Amtrak railroad. The Grand street bridge, Congress street bridge and Stratford Avenue (US1) are bascule bridges, another was a bascule bridge also but is replaced by a vertical lift bridge which carries state route 130 at Stratford Avenue. has 6 drawbridges crossing the Eastern Branch Elizabeth river,but theyr'e Intracoastal waterway drawbridges as well some are owned by the Coast Gaurd, US Goverment, and the US Army. Some bridges crosses between city to city and from state to state.


In the Virginia area theyre 8 drawbridges in Chesapeake city 3 in Portsmouth, in Great Bridge and 1 in Deep Creek crossing the Dismal Swamp canal..The Deep Creek bridge a bascule bridge which carries US17 crosses between North Carolina, and both owned by the US Government and the city of Chesapake. bridge a vertical lift bridge in Portsmouth is owned both by the South Norfolk Commission Chesapeake, 2 rail lift bridges in the same location one used by Norfolk Southern railroad other used by Norfolk & Portsmouth Belt Line. the city Chesapeake a Gilberton bridge carries US13 and 460 along with Steel bridge (State Route166) bascule bridge are owned by Chesapeake city and Norfolk a railroad bascule bridge a Scherzer type in the same area used by Norfolk &Western railroad. But I-64 bascule bridge is owned by the State of Virginia. Bridge double leaf rolling lift bridge that carries State Route 168 crosses the Albemarle & Chesapeake canal with the Intracoastal waterway is owned by US.Goverment railroad bridge a rolling lift bridge is used by Norfolk Southern railroad.


Portland has 5 drawbridges crossing the Williamette river. 4 are owned by Multnomah County, Broadway street (Rall type) double leaf bascule bridge, Burnside bascule bridge, bascule bridge, Hawthorne lift bridge. Steel lift bridge was a double deck with highway on the upper deck still in use and train on the lower deck continues in service. Another rail lift bridge used by the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe railroad crosse between St Johns and Portland Oregon are 6 drawbridges. A rail swing bridge used  by the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe railroad crosses the Oregon slough of 7drawbridges in Portland Oregon.


Jacksonville altogether has 15 draw bridges in the state of Florida. Crossing the St Johns river a Florida East Coast strauss type railroad bascule bridge used by the Florida East Coast railroad, Main street lift bridge owned by the state of Florida. river crossings are 4 drawbridges a railroad rolling lift type used for the Csx railroad, but for highway use Warrenton bridge,State route 211 and another bascule span are owned by the state of Florida. Also crossing the Ribault river are 3 drawbridges,a swing bridge owned by florida and 2 bascule bridges owned by Duval County.


Next a city of Charleston South Carolina which has has 5 drawbridges crossing the Wappo creek and the Stono river. Two of them are swing span bridges, a double leaf bascule bridge are owned by the state of South Carolina, and two railroad swing bridges are used by Seaboard Airline railroad. Morehead has 4 drawbridges crossing the Intracoastal/Inland waterway(Newport river and the Bogue sound in the state of North Carolina. Both the vehical bascule bridge that crosses the Newport river and the swing bridge crossing the Bogue sound both highway bridges are owned by the state of North Carolina, and both railroad bridges a bascule draw type and swing type bridge are used by the Beaufort & Morehead railroad.


Philadelphia has 6 drawbridges crossing the Schuylkill river in the state of Pennsylvania, The Passyunk Avenue bridge a two paralell bascule bridge, University Avenue bascule bridge,a foot South street bridge a foot bridge, 3 bascule bridges and 3 swing bridges Grays Ferry swing bridge for vehical traffic are owned by Philadelphia,two railroad swing bridges are used by conrail railroad. A Navy Shipyard bridge a vertical lift bridge in the same location(Philadelphia) crosses the Reserve basin owned by Philadelphia has 7 drawbridges.


Augusta has 3 drawbridges crossing the Savannah river in the state of Georgia. two bridges are rail bascule bridges one used by the Csx railroad the other used by the Norfolk Southern railroad. The 5th street swing bridge used by vehicals is owned by Georgia and South Carolina.


Providence has 5 drawbridges in the state of Rhode Island crossing the Seeconk or Seekonk river. India Point bridge is a railroad swing bridge ,I 195 fixed bascule bridge, and Waterman street swing bridge all are owned by the city of Providence. Fox Point Boulavard bascule bridge is owned by the state of Rhode Island and a railroad bascule bridge abandoned in its' raised position was used by conrail railroad.


Little Rock has 3 drawbridges mainly vertical lift railroad bridges crossing the Arkansas river in the state of Arkansas. Both rail lift bridges are used by the Union Pacific railroad, the other used by the Rock Island railroad.


Wilmington has altogether about 13 drawbridges, 4 crossing the Brandywine river and 9 crossing the Christina river. Crossing the Brandywine river a 7th street swing span bridge, Church street bascule bridge, and 16th street liftbridge are owned by the state of Delaware, a rail swing span bridge is used by the Pennsylvania railroad Crossing the Christina river Christina Avenue, 3rd street, Walnut street, and South Market street all are bascule bridges are owned by the state of Delaware, 5 rail swing span bridges, 4 are used by Conrail railroad the 5th is used by Baltimore & Ohio railroad.


Duluth has 7 draw bridges crossing the St Louis Bay and Duluth Canal or Superior Harbor. The Arrowhead bridge a double leaf bascule rolling lift bridge crosses the St Louis bay between Wisconsin Duluth Minnesota. A railroad swing bridge used by Burlington Northern & Santa Fe railroad also crosses between Wisconsin and Minnesota in Duluth, rail swing bridges are used by the Northern Pacific and Burlington Northern & Santa Fe railroad, others like the state route 39 swing bridge with railroad is removed. The Aerial vertical lift bridge which is also Lake Avenue, and the Minnesota Slip drawbridge a Dutch style pedestrian double leaf bascule bridge both crosses the Duluth- Superior harbor both are owned by the state of Minnesota. Mobile has 8 drawbridges in the state of Alabama. A bridge that crosses the Mobile river is Cohrane (US90) lift bridge that's owned by the state of Alabama, a State route163 bascule bridge crosses the Dog river also owned by Alabama Fowl river vehical bascule bridge owned by Mobile County, a swing span bridge crossing the Three Mile creek owned by Mobile County. One former swing bridge was replaced with a rolling lift bridge still used by the Csx railroad and two other swing bridges crossing the Three Mile creek one used by the Norfolk southern railroad last one used by Alabama Docks Corps railroad. Yazoo City only has 3 drawbridges crossing the Yazoo river in the state of Mississippi. Two are owned by the state of Mississippi are vehical bascule bridges, a vehical swing span bridge is owned by Yazoo County. Baltimore has 8 drawbridges in the state of Maryland, 4 crossing the Curtis creek, one crossing the Back river and two crossing the Patapsco river. The Curtis creek Pennington Avenue bascule bridge , I 695 bascule bridge owned by the state of Maryland the final bascule span owned by the city of Baltimore . A rail swing bridge is used by Csx railroad, two crossing the Back river a vehical bascule bridge owned by Baltimore County a bascule railroad bridge used by Baltimore Transit. A Hanover street bridge a double leaf Rall type crossing the Patapsco river the Middle Branch next to the railroad swing bridge is owned by the city of Baltimore, a rail swing bridge used by Western Maryland railroad. Boston has 7 drawbridges but both bridges are retractile bridges that are supported on rollers that rides on the set of tracks.


Just 5 none retractile bridges that crosses the Fort Point channel in the State of Massachusetts. Northern Avenue swing bridge, Congress street /Avenue bridge ( a Strauss bascule bridge) Broadway swing bridge, and Dover street swing bridge all are owned by the city of Boston 3 railroad bascule bridge ( Scherzer type) are used by the New York New Haven & Hartford railroad.
Criegie and the Green Line Viaduct drawbridges crossing the Charles river.


Houston has 7 drawbridges crossing the Buffalo Bayou in the state of Texas some are removed but still will be a history of discussion. The US 90 (69th street) a bascule bridge and Lockwood drive lift bridge both were owned by the city of Houston, they're 5 rail drawbridges 2 swing bridges used by Union Pacific railroad other were used by Houston Belt & Terminal railroad rail bascule bridges one of them was replaced with a overpass a Strauss bascule bridge used by the Houston Belt & Terminal railroad and another Strauss bascule bridge now in the fixed positon used by International & Great Northern railroad.


East Chicago once has 14 drawbridges crossing the Indiana Harbor canal in the state of Indiana. They're all bascule bridges spanning the Indiana Harbor canal,7 bascules are vehical bridges and railroad bascules are 7. Chicago Avenue,Canal street, Dickey Place, and 151 st street bridges were owned by Lake County, Indianapolis Boulevard bridge and 2 vehical bridges were owned by the state of Indiana. Two rail bascule bridges were used and operated by Elgin Joliet & Eastern railroad, 2 were used by Penn Central railroad, one was operated by Conrail railroad, next the Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal railroad and last was operated by Indiana Harbor Belt railroad.


Chattanooga only has 2 movable drawbridges crossing the Tennessee river in the state of Tennessee. One the only bridge a I 27 (Chief John Ross) bridge is a double leaf leaf rolling lift bridge that is manned and owned and operated by the city of Chanttanooga, a railroad vertical lift bridge is operated by the Norfolk Southern railroad. Louisville has only 4 drawbridges crossing the Ohio river in the state of Kentucky, I 64 bridge a swing type with highway and railroad was operated by Louisville Gas and Electric Commision which was replaced by a bascule bridge. 18 street Canal lift bridge was owned by the United States Government, and a rail lift bridge was operated by Conrail railroad.


The state of Vermont once has 10 drawbridges crossing the Lake Champlain (only) between New York state. Seven of the operating bridges are owned by the state of Vermont, South Hero has 2 rail swing bridges and 1 highway swing bridge, Grand Island has only one bascule bridge due to the removal of the other bascule span bridge, Pelot Point has 1 swing span bridge carrying rail traffic for the Rutlands railroad. North Hero highway swing bridge, Isle La Motte has 1 vehical swing span owned by the Grand Isle County, and Missisquoi Bay which one rail swing bridge is used by the Central Vermont railroad, and a bascule bridge carriying vehical traffic owned by the state of Vermont.


In Ontario Canada has more port movable bridges especially from Lake Huron to Lake Superior connecting Lake Erie.

Toronto has only 2 drawbridges a Strauss bascule bridge(Cherry street) crossing the Keatings channel Port Authority bridge a double trunnion bascule drawbridge crossing the Toronto harbor for highway traffic.

Thunder Bay has 3 drawbridges a route 204 a former double deck bascule bridge now only uses railroad traffic, Woodward Avenue highway swing bridge crossing the Kam river, Mckellar Island bridge a Scherzer bascule rolling lift bridge with 4 track railroad and highway crosses the Mckellar river. Parry Sound only has a swing bridge (Wassauksing) crossing the St Lawerance river use to have railroad traffic now carries vehical traffic.

Ottawa has 7 drawbridges, Pretoria Aveune lift bridge, Point swing bridge, swing bridge, Nicholsons,Jones Falls swing bridge, 12 highway swing bridge all for highway traffic and a railroad swing bridge for railroad traffic crossing the Rideau canal.
Kingston has 3 drawbridges, LaSalle street bridge a Strauss bascule bridge crossing the Rideau canal, Falls highway swing bridge,and Burnt hill swing bridge for highway traffic crossing the Lake Cranberry. Beckwith street swing bridge crosses the Rideau canal at Perth, in Smiths Falls Abbott road, Old Slys road swing bridges, and a abandoned Canadian National railroad Scherzer rolling lift bridge.

The Glenville street swing bridge is located at Burritts Rapids crossing the Rideau river /canal. Mill street Lock 26 and Andrewsville swing bridges located at Merrickville. Hog Back road swing at Massey Park Nicolls road swing bridge at Manotick crossing the Rideau river. Main street swing bridge crosses the Lake Sturgeon near Bobcaygeon, Lake Opinicon highway swing bridge located at Caffeys Lock, Route 6 swing bridge in Little Current crossing the North channel use to have railroad now has a single lane road. Loyalist Parkway swing bridge for vehical traffic crosses the Quinte bay and 2 more swing bridges one for highway traffic and Canadian National railroad bridge crosses the Murray canal at West Quinte, street and railroad swing span bridges in Peterborough both crossing the Otonabee river, Canada route 46 swing bridge crossing the Severn river at Severn, Glenn Ross swing bridge crosses the Trent canal at Glenn Ross, Canada route 47 swing bridge crosses the Trent canal at Ramara, Lake Carneron swing bridge in Fenelon Falls, and Wellington street Strauss bascule in Lindsay crossing the Trent canal. The Bolsover road swing bridge crossing the Talbot river at Kawartha Lakes, Wisconsin Central railroad bascule and lift bridges side by side and a Canadian (Inter National) railroad swing bridge and a highway emergency dam bridge crossing the St Marys river near Sault Ste Marie. The Rainy river has 2 rail bascule bridges both are used by the Canadian National railroad in St Frances.The Welland canal movable bridges are in differant locations. The Port Weller rolling lift bridge crosses the Welland canal.

Theyre a couple of lift bridges in Port Colborne, Main street 8 lock bridge and 2 more lift bridges crossing the Welland canal. Main street lift bridge is located at Welland, forth street (Garden City Skyway) double leaf rolling lift bridge a Canadian National railroad swing bridge,Canadian National railroad double leaf rolling lift bridge and Lake Shore rolling lift bridge in St Catherines over the Welland canal. a railroad strauss bascule bridge in Feeder used by the Niagaria St Catherines & Toronto railroad. Thorold lift bridge is carried by vehical traffic locates in Thorold,Forks road and railroad lift bridges one has the mechinery counterweights and towers removed at Rural Main street lift bridge in Port Robinson and Wabash lift bridge in Dain City crosses the Welland canal a railroad swing bridge used by New York Montrose railroad crosses the Welland canal. Clarence street lift bridge is located at Port Calborne, Glendale Avenue No#11 and Allanburg bridges crosses the Welland canal, a lift bridge in Chipawa a Strauss type over the Welland canal has Chipawa on the counterweight.

Fenelon Falls swing bridge crosses the Lake Cameron, Port Dalhousie swing bridge in Port Dalhousie is used by vehical traffic over the Welland canal ,Lynn river bridge a lift type single leaf and a double leaf only 2 bridges in Port Dover. Two bascule bridges located at Chatham Kent Region crossing the Thames river, 3rd and 5th street bridges the Lord Selkirk bascule bridge and a railroad swing bridge crosses the Sydenham river at Wallaceburg Kent Chatham Tupperville road swing bridge also crosses the Sydenham river located in Tupperville. Huntersville swing bridge at Huntersville crosses the Mahowaka river, James N. Allen Skyway lift bridge crosses the Burlington canal located in Hamilton, the Lake Couchiching rail swing bridge is located at Orillia.The Kettle creek and King George bascule bridges crosses the Kettle creek at Port Stanley. In British Columbia has port movable span bridges, in Vancouver has 5 drawbridges,the Derwent swing bridge highway and railroad crossing the Annacis channel of the Fraser river, Sealsland Way swing bridge and Narpole railroad swing bridge crosses the Fraser river, Second Narrows lift bridge for the Canadian National railroad crosses the Burrand Inlet and Westminster Avenue bascule bridge crosses the False creek.

A swing span bridge with highway and railroad crosses the Fraser river located at Mission, Wellington Park swing bridge in Delta, Canadian National railroad swing bridge in Richmond, Canadian national railroad swing bridge with highway (double deck) at New Westminster, another Canadian National rail swing bridge at Burnaby and the Grand Trunk Pacific railroad with highway lift bridge at Fort George all crosses the Fraser river. The Burlington Northern & Sante Fe railroad swing bridge crosses the Mud bay in Surrey,Canadian National railroad lift bridge

 without the mechinery and counterweights and a rail swing span bridge crosses the North Tompson river at Kamloops Lake Okanaga lift bridge for vehical traffic located at Kelowna, Lake Kootenay rail lift bridge located at Kootenay. In Quebec has port movable bridges,Sorel Tracey bascule lift bridge crosses the Fleuve Laurent at Sorel Tracey, Rontquitounrnea swing bridge crosses the Chambley canal at Quebec

United States and Canada movable bridge traffic types (Double deck bridges)  

Double deck movable bridges have 2 decks , the upper deck for highway and lower deck for railroad. Bascule bridges have double deck, in Chicago Wells street, and Lake street both have highway and railroad top and bottom. In Canada only one double deck bascule bridge crossing the Kam river in Thunder Bay Ontario, the upper deck for highway was removed and the lower deck railroad is in service. Lift bridges in Houghton Michigan (Portage Lake Hancock) has a two deck, Carlton lift bridge in Bath Maine, Sarah Mildred Long bridge in Porthsmouth New Hampshire connecting Maine, Steel lift bridge in Portland Oregon, Armor swift lift bridge in Kansas City Missouri Also Merdian lift bridge in Yankton South Dakota connecting Nebraska. In Lambert Quebec Canada a vertical lift span also has two decks crossing the St Lawrence seaway. In swing bridges with double decks, One in Fort Madison Iowa, I street bridge in West Sacramento California, Kansas City Missouri swing span with two decks, Inver Grove bridge in Minnesota, and Goverment bridge at Rock Island Illinois connecting Davenport Iowa.

This article contributed by Douglas Butler.