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Douglas Butler Bridge Book An explantation of movable bridge technical drawings

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Introduction Douglas Butler Bridge Book
Industrial Cities or Port bridges
Duplicate Movable Bridges
Bridges by Waterways
Bridges by Cities and States
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For the Viewers:

If you are intrestead in movable bridges then email me on this site and I'll respond or if you have any Questions feel free to ask me about this topic of drawbridges.


If you are willing to view some photos of the types of drawbridges, either go to on this site or go to and add a comment on the photo drawings that you like.

Movable Bridge Subscription Information

If you enjoy the photos of the movable bridge technical drawings or discuss which type you enjoy the most I will let you view them for an example a vertical lift bridge in Chicago Ill. I have it or any movable bridge across the 41 states of the United States and Canada I have them on my site, or if not all I make it known to draw some that I have'nt come across and will put them on my site.

Contributor's Guidelines

Here I'll include a list of the location of the movable bridges of each type for example a Hx railroad Strauss bascule bridge in Secaucus NJ or a vertical lift bridge in bridgeport Connecticut of each city and state.

The type of each movable bridge either highway and railroad will be discussed as well the the waterways they cross even double deck bridges. This information will be amazing and learned from each text of the movable drawbridges.